"Rolling waves of fibrous sonic matter
you can sink your teeth into."

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NEW YEARS EVE Stonehurst opening for Devilskin, City Of Souls and Halestorm Cathedral Square Christchurch









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About the Band

Stonehurst as a musical entity, rose from the ashes of adolescent rock band 'Superhuman'. Axe-handlers; Tim Hunt and Braden Southee left no stone unturned when it came to magnetizing their accumulative sound. A few chest hairs and musical growth later, Ben McGillivray was summoned to take care of battery whilst Hunt's older sibling David was employed for baritone string duty.

As a harmonious quadrilateral, writing could begin. Tim's vocal range could be likened to all of the great Rock'n'Roll legends. Masculine and soothing are words not mutually exclusive in Stonehurst's contextual delivery. The guitar work is Sabbath-esqe with balls to wall classique solo work. whilst bass guitar compliments the writing style as well as being an integral part of the backbone of this 'no holes barred' hit factory. Ben's limbs were a gift from the rock gods as his style could be described as John Bonham meets Bill Ward.

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From Christchurch, New Zealand, "Stonehurst is an unstoppable force, or an immovable object, they're climbing to the top and ain't going to stop!

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Devilskin playing with Stonehurst on New Years Eve!

Proudly presenting : City Of Souls & Halestorm

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